What are the payment terms?

Green Door Self Store strives to make your storage experience as hassle free as possible, including paying your bill. Typically, our leases are month-to-month but we also offer the flexibility of long-term leases. Our Bank details are on our invoices so you can set up a standing order or you can ring our office and pay by credit card or debit card each month, or if you prefer call in in person.

Do you have moving carts or fork lifts available?

We pride ourselves on good access, freedom of movement and ease of movement and we offer pallet trucks and “push carts” that may be used free of charge and if needed we can supply a fork lift and driver for a small cost. If you find yourself renting an inside unit and need a push cart, pallet truck or forklift, please let the Store Manager know and they will be happy to assist you. Contact the manager here.

Are there any staff on site to help if needed?

We pride our selves on helping our customers and we will always provide all help and assistance when required. But please remember getting assistance during normal site hours from green door self store is much more likely than getting help at 2am in the morning!

If you require specialised help or multiple staff to help you then it’s best to contact us at least 24 hours before.