Business Users

Small Companies with Big Business Ideas

Self Storage for Business users. There are many benefits to smaller businesses when renting self storage space. Many innovative companies decide to warehouse new products at our Featherstone self storage base, or store items that are not turning over as expected, as well as lines that sell seasonally, into one of our self storage facilities – to free up valuable space in an existing office or retail premises. Other businesses may want to get their ‘feet wet’ with a new product, not wanting to commit to permanent storage space until the new product can prove itself to be a money maker for the company. Retailers can make huge savings when buying in bulk – the discounts easily outweighing the cost of self-storage. Expensive office space is often used for non-productive storage, like files, redundant computers, printers or office furniture – the result being that unproductive storage wastes money for the company. Offsite storage space costs less than the prime space taken up with non productive items – something to consider when space appears to be an issue. Don’t expand – self-store!

Retail Business who want to save money

Multiple storage units for any retail business, at our Featherstone self storage facility, are a great way of coping with fluctuations in seasonal goods and as inventory is used up; some or all of the storage space can be returned back to the self storage facility. Rent storage rooms as small as 5 feet by 5 feet, or as large as 10 feet by 20 feet, or even larger. As needs change, or as stock is accumulating/depleting for next season, the best way to handle sales, or rotating, stock is to use an inventory and place the out-of-season lines in a facility such as Green Door Self Store. As sales stock is exhausted, new stock can then easily be picked up at our self storage facility in Featherstone. Green Door Self Store can help businesses save money and increase profits. It’s not just leasing costs you’ll be saving, there’s local authority rates, heating, lighting, insurance, etc. We help hundreds of businesses with self storage space, from small traders to larger companies, retailers, self employed contractors, or leading accountants and IT companies – with the perfect self storage solution for all. Why pay for more expensive commercial property when your business can store everything from stock, stationery, files and furniture with Green Door Self Store? More and more businesses are using self storage space not just for bulk storage, but for all kinds of needs. From small lockers and storage units through to larger storage units, just take as much space as you need then upsize or down size when you need to. With instant occupancy and no starting costs, business self storage could not be easier. Business self storage space maker. All our self storage units are clean, dry and – above all – secure.

Builders, Plumbers, Electricians and other trades

We know that storing expensive tools and bulky items is hard but we know just what you need! You need safe, secure and 24/7 access. Local businesses are turning to Green Door for smart storage solutions that range from storing pallets of bricks to storing important and delicate tools. We know that you need access 24/7 so thats what we give…….but not only access 24/7 but easy access! The facility has a full height roller shutter door.

Large Companies with Mobile sales forces

Many large companies in health, pharmaceutical, perfumeries and other organisations, that work with mobile sales forces of service reps, use Green Door Self Store services – for the storing and distribution of product samples, marketing and print literature, point of purchase displays and more. We provide secure space for mobile reps, including drug reps’ storage, and we can supply internet, light and power for companies that require these types of services on tap for their reps and sales staff.

Please note that Green Door Self Store cannot and will not store any of the following:

  • Toxic waste, polluted materials or contaminated goods
  • Firearms weapons, munitions or explosives
  • Radioactive waste materials
  • Flammable, explosive or hazardous goods
  • Plants or animals
  • Monies, Cash and securities
  • Anything deemed illegal by UK and British Law